Lutron AuroRa®
Lighting Control Made Simple

Lutron AuroRa Lighting Control System

AuroRa is a pre-programmed, wireless, radio frequency lighting control system that provides remote control of lights in and around your home.

The AuroRa system is easy to use, simple to install and gives you control of five areas of light. Control your system lights from a Tabletop master control, a wireless controller, or from individual wall dimmers.

Safety -Light your way home

  • Press a button and exterior lights turn on as you arrive home.
  • Illuminate a pathway of light to navigate from your car, into and throughout your home.

Simplicity - easy to use, simple to install

  • Control multiple lights throughout your home with the Tabletop master control.
  • Turn off the lights at night without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Comfort - match activities with the perfect light

  • Dim lights to create a relaxed setting.
  • Set the right light for entertaining or special occasions.

Simple to Use
Simply replace 5 switches in your home with AuroRa dimmers, plug in the master control and central antenna into a standard household outlet, and your system is fully operational.

Each AuroRa system is pre-programmed and ready to operate right out of the box.

Control lights from the security of your car.
Turn on exterior lights as you arrive home.
Move safely into and throughout your home – one touch of a button controls up to 5 areas of light.

Feel secure with bedside control of your light.
Respond to noises during the night – turn on lights from your Tabletop master control.

Reduce energy costs by dimming the lights.
Dim lights 50% and save 40% on electricity.

Suggested Applications

The traditional AuroRa system controls 5 lights to create a safe pathway into and throughout the home. To increase a system's capability, add up to 9 additional wireless controllers or bridge 2 systems for control of 10 lights.

Kitchen: Dimming transforms your kitchen.
Use all the lights in your kitchen to their greatest advantage. Create romantic mood lighting, neutral light for family meals and bright lighting for preparation and cleanup.

Living Room: Accommodate your lifestyle with flexible lighting.
With lighting control, you can change the lighting as you change the way you use your family room...for homework, watching TV, entertaining, reading, or just relaxing after a long day.

Bedroom: Dimming makes a bedroom beautiful.
Lutron dimmers let you paint the room with light, creating the perfect mood. Adjust lighting levels for getting ready in the morning, preparing for bed, relaxing with a book, or watching TV.

Bath: Bathroom lighting can be relaxing and functional.
Start your day with low, soothing light to allow your eyes to adjust to the morning. Increase light intensity when you're out of the shower. Set lights at their lowest level for a gentle night light.

Hall: Safely navigate your home.
Create a pathway of light throughout your home for added safety. Dim the lights at night to accommodate all family members.

AuroRa Entry Package Contents

The AuroRa entry package (AR-ENTRY-) includes:
(5) Dimmers
(1) Master Control
(1) Wireless Controller
(1) Central Antenna

At the touch of a button simplify your lifestyle! Enhance safety, add simplicity and create comfortable living environment with an AuroRa Lighting Control System.

AuroRa wall dimmers replace standard switches in minutes. Once installed, the dimmers are automatically connected to the Tabletop master control and wireless controller.

AuroRa dimmers fit behind standard, traditional wallplates and can be enhanced with Lutron Fassada™ Wallplates (available in gloss colors white, ivory, light almond and black and stainless steel metal finish). The Tabletop master control and wireless controller are ready to use and require no Installation.

Combine 2 Lutron AuroRa systems to control 10 lighting controls

Enhance or Expand your AuroRa system

Expand the capability of your AuroRa System

Combine 2 systems to control 10 of your dimmers from the car, patio and bedside.

Add up to 9 wireless controllers to 1 system.

Complete the Look of AuroRa throughout your home

Fassada™ Wallplates
Elegant screwless-style wallplates add the finishing touch. Available in gloss colors white, ivory, light almond and black and stainless steel metal finish.

Aviena™ Dimmer
600W Incandescent, 1000W Incandescent, 600VA Magnetic Low-Voltage, single pole and 3-way, available in white, ivory, almond, light almond, and black (Fassada wallplate sold separately).

Aviena Switch
15A switch, single pole and 3-way, available in white, ivory, almond, light almond, and black (Fassada wallplate sold separately).

Aviena dimmers and switches are not controlled by Aurora master controls or wireless controllers.

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