General Mounting Instructions for Harco Loor Chandeliers

1: Your lamp is shipped to you in a compressed state. Unwrap the entire framework, remove all wrapping.
If your lamp arrives with a metal tubing or stem(s), please note that this stem is part of the lamp's electrical conductivity system and should be used together with your lamp.

The stem connects to the base of the chandelier.

First thread the lamp's electrical wires through the stem.

Then secure the stem to the base by turning the stem in a clockwise direction.

Unless custom altered by our factory your lamp comes with a transformer and 10-watt mini bi-pin halogen bulbs.


2: After wires are threaded thru stem, connect the lamp's wires to the red blue wires on the 11.6V side of the supplied transformer.
Connect the other side of the transformer, marked: INPUT 120V to the electrical junction box in the ceiling accordingly.

3: Mount Fixture to junction box using hardware provided. On some heavier models, additional screws (supplied), are required to further secure the lamp into the ceiling, due to weight.

  • Drywall: ( Supplied): 3 x 1/4" x 2 1/2" toggle bolts
  • Concrete: (Supplied): 3 x #12 - 2" screws with lead anchors

4: Once lamp is securely connected to ceiling carefully install light bulbs and lamp shades.

Harco Loor chandeliers are shipped a compressed state.

To adjust the overall height, style and diameter of your chandelier, gently pull the stems with your hand to the desied size and configuration.


This is a halogen light fixture. As with all halogen light fixtures, always handle bulbs with care. Always use a glove or soft, clean cloth when installing or removing light bulbs. Never use any bulb with a higher or lower wattage other than the wattage indicated for your lighting fixture. You will damage the transformer and your light fixture will no longer function properly.

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